This is why we do it – love from our fans…

Willy… Been thinking about this for a little and wanted to say thank you…because of the fabulous music of Springsteen you and the B Street Band have been bringing people together that not only love Bruce but you guys as well… and more importantly because of the B Street Band I now have an amazing new group of friends. Without you there is no way all of our paths would have crossed and for that I am beyond grateful.

I don’t want to leave out Steve Weiss, Bruce Bernfeld, Linda Tanfani, Maritza Sanabria, Heidi Bakalar Fletcher and all of our other S Florida people..

XOXO — feeling awesome with Randi Joy Brofsky, Doreen Fox, Amy Golden-Fleissig, Heidi Suffin Payne and Heidi Bakalar Fletcher.